Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference (week 19)

Hey everyone,

So this week was something cool. Because of ConfErEncE (accents on the "E" because is was Excessively awesome this year). We were able to snag a projector from the office this week so that we could watch conference in our home ward instead of at the stake center. So we got the projector and Elder Salmons blanket and some duct tape I had and taped his blanket onto a wall and the members and investigators totally watched conference like a movie theatre experience. It felt like you were actually there and the sweat on the Choirs foreheads was so much more glisten-y than normal, At least for the people who spoke Spanish, because us yankees went into the Church office and watched conference from a members old computer english of course. That was a blessing because I definitely wanted to be edified this weekend and laugh whenever Utchdorf told a joke. And I'm just not quite to the point where I can understand all of general conference in Spanish yet. But, I'm happy to say that I did laugh yesterday. And I felt the spirit so strongly. It was awesome. 

On the food front, I had the delightful experience of eating "cow utter hamburgers" this week. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like! I rank it right up there with "blood sausage" that I had a few weeks ago. And that's all I'm going to say about that! 

On a happy note, Elder Schoonover figured out how to make hot sauce, so we've been experimenting with different foods and adding hot sauce to them. This little gift of hot sauce has brought much joy to my life and stomach! 

Also, a lot of people have asked me if we play lots of soccer on pdays. I'm sure the neighborhood kids and members would love for us to play on pdays (or maybe not me, haha, since I'm an awkward yankee with no foot skills!!!) but I don't feel like we have enough time for soccer. I feel like we should be doing other things on pday, like cleaning the apartment or doing service. 

Also Gerardo and Belen got married this week and it was a super amazing experience and now Gerardo is qualified to be baptized!!! por fin. Which was such a miracle because we were super scared something bad would happen that would disrupt this amazing event. Especially because we weren't able to visit them almost at all this week leading up to their marriage because elder Rojas got sick and we were unable to work for two days in our area. But besides all that, it was a good week. I learned that I personally NEED to be out working or else I start to regress and feel lazy. Work is so important here in the mission field. I realize that now. Now I know, that for me, Satan´s grasp becomes like smoke and nothing to me. It can't hold me down and deter my progression. It was a blessing in this way. I was able to know for myself the importance of getting up and working and doing. 

Also a talk I really liked was the talk that spoke concerning the less actives and being patient with teaching because that is such a powerful lesson here in argentina where less actives are a huge part of the work. I appreciated his testimony and the spirit that he brought to the meeting that day and there was lots of doctrine taught that I can easily use in the mission here. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a Prphet of God, I know that the Quorum of the 12 are Really called of God and are servants of the Most High. This is His Work and His Glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man because He Loves us and I know it. I love you guys (whoever reads this stuff). I'm always bragging about how cool Arizona is to the people here (though they usually ALWAYS seem really bored when I do)!

P. S. Tell Riley congrats on her mission call to Peru!!


Elder Ren Porter
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Me, Elder Rojas, Gerardo and his bride getting the marriage certificate.

Not sure how Elder Rojas ended up with flower bouquet.....or why he's holding it like that, but he makes a beautiful bride (in my opinion) haha!!!

Gerardo, Elder Rojas and me.

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