Thursday, April 28, 2016

Argentina Rules (week 20)

Okay, so this week was awesome. Me and Elder Rojas have been killing it here in Villa Tesei. Elder Salmon and Elder Schoonover have been doing some great work as well. We have had some great progress with many people that we've been working with. We had a zone meeting this last Tuesday that really hyped us up to work more with the less actives in our areas, at least I got super excited. We`ve been putting alot more focus on working with the members this last week and hopefully into the coming weeks as well. We have 4 baptismal dates right now. Gerardo y Diego this Saturday, Isabel on the 31 of this month and Enzo for next month and Gerardo, Diego and Enzo are all practically in the water. Gerardo had his interview this week with a Zone leader while elder Rojas and I and the other zone leader acted like cement in the front. He passed!!! Diego is a capo and pretty much his entire family and friends are super active and in the church. Enzo has come to church on his own already four times and he wants to get baptized and the best part is that we haven't even taught him any lessons yet hahaha!! He is so COOL and we are going to start teaching him this next week. Isabel is a little harder because she has some health problems but we are working with her and we are going to be really patient with her. The other Elders in our apartment have one of their investigators practically baptized as well. All in all its really cooking down here. But..... I'm a little scared as well, because Elder Rojas told me that he has never had a companion more than a transfer and a half before and if I stay this next full week and continue onto next week than I will be the companion that has been with elder Rojas the longest, ever in his mission!!! Then I started  thinking back on my other companion elder Ortolano and how he was flashed out after the baptism of Franko (my first convert) and I'm scared the same will happen to me after the baptism of Gerardo and Diego. I had just been hoping and praying that I would stay this last transfer  so I could participate in the baptism of Gerardo which was the same situation with Elder Ortolano. Plus, President Robertson told my comp. that I'm probably leaving this next transfer. I'm also scared because the area has totally spoiled me and I know if I get flashed (emergency transfer) I'm going to be sent out to the campos (farms). Pero all well, right? 

OH YAH so I forgot to tell you, SOMEONE forgot to pay the gas bill a couple of times and so we haven't had gas for our stove or hot water for a week now. Shower time is Death time!!!! 
Also, the fridge is the saddest thing to look at in our apartment because it is full of food that wants to be eaten but we can't cook it and put it in our bodies!! Sad Stuff. But you know...Missionary Life! hahahaa. 

Some other news here is that two of the families we had been working with separated, the husband and wife, and we have been working alot with the ward for help with this. It was So sudden and random we didn't see it coming and it was equally frustrating that we couldn't really do anything about it. But i Still Feel secure with this area even though there have been drastic set backs like this. It is still paradise here. The members are amazing the people are receptive and they don't hate americans to much here hahaha. I haven't been robbed lately, BUT The prices for buses doubled, but thats okay I guess. We`ll just walk more and stay more healthy. Take that Satan! 

Anyway, that is what is happening here in Villa Tesei. We had interviews with President Robertson this week as well and he gave me some good advice. He said "Remember Elder, the work is not about you its about the people here who need your help and when you just continue to give more and more of yourself, you will start to grow in great ways and the Lord will Prepare you more for the work here and for the work in the future." I know that what he said was true and this is something we can all apply in our lives because its such a powerful lesson. Serve others and give more of yourself and once there's more of you out in the world, you will be able to see yourself more clearly and know more fully your purpose here on the earth. WE are Children of God and we have divine potential and we have infinite capabilities and marvelous potential to help those around us, the only person that stands in the way of God achieving this in you and me is ourselves. We have to take ourselves out of the equation and just let God Work. I love you guys! I Love your emails as well! Argentina Rules! 

PS. I didn't have time for pics this week. Sorry mom! Plus, elder schoonover cut my hair again and I need a week of growth before I send my mom a picture. Haha

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