Thursday, February 4, 2016

I know the Gospel is true (week 11)

This week was awesome just like all the other weeks here. Dogs keep barking at us and trying to bite us and I just yell at them to get away from me like some sort of crazy mormon. Me and elder Ortolano have fun in between appointments and lessons by talking with accents and I can do a really good irish accent in Spanish! It's funny because elder Ortolano said when I speak Spanish in "me Irish brogue" that my pronunciation gets better. So I've been busting out an irish accent during lessons when people aren't understanding me and it seems to help, weird, I know.  Although, during one contact we made I laid on the accent a little to heavy and the contact started laughing at me so we ended that contact fast with a card and went along our merry way. We laughed once we were out of ear shot, funny stuff. I've also been amusing my fellow elders in the apartment by reading the book of revelation with my new found irish accent.

I've also been working on my cooking skills this week. This week I made fried ravioli with no sauce or any other flavoring actually haha and I called it the ´´wows´´ because they were surprisingly good and I couldn't help but say "wow" when ever I ate one. I also made a hot dog and cheese taco. I called it "super pancho suaves" which translated here means "super smooth hot dog" haha, weird stuff.

A member of the 70 came to our ward yesterday and he gave an amazing talk to my investigators during sacrament meeting. But me being me, I  didn't even he was a 70 until my comp told me a couple hours later haha. It was awesome. I even shook hands with him, but, I have no idea what his name was. 

On a missionary work note, we got 4 investigators at church yesterday. I was so happy I thought I was dreaming. Two of them have baptismal dates set and the other two are a couple who are a part of this really big family. I know that because they came to church the rest of the family is going to be helped so much. One of the investigators with a baptismal date is this super awesome kid. We were running out of time to teach him all the lessons so we just taught him four lessons in 2 days haha but his faith is so strong. And the other investigator is this super stellar lady who is ready for this church. You can see it on her face that she just hungers for the change the gospel will bring into her life.

This is the last week before transfers and Elder Ortolano says he is getting transferred because he has  a ´´feeling´´ and his ´´feeling´´ is never wrong and all I can think is shoot, if he leaves i'll never be able to find my investigators again!! I have no idea how to navigate this area. I'm completely clueless with or without my map. But at the same time I'm just thinking well...I'll do my best and God will help me with the rest. But we still don't know yet what's going to happen, so I could be the one transferred this next week which I will be super bummed about because this area is awesome!!! The people are super nice and the area is nice and the smells are so unique and the people we are teaching right now are so fantastic and I want to see them make it all the way. I guess this is how all missionaries feel.

This week was really great because I got to learn about retaining a good attitude and an enthusiastic attitude.  We don't knock on doors here, we clap outside the door. So we clapped at a lot of doors this week and we received alot of rejection, but every now and then we would receive an invitation to come back. Getting rejected so much makes it so much sweeter when someone decides to accept us. Great stuff. A good attiude is the most important thing during missionary work, I feel like, because there is alot of things that will try to tear you down but you just have to laugh and keep going. I know this church is true and I will do everything I can to let other people know.  I know this church is true. That much is irrefutable and I know that the gospel plan is perfect. So why is there reason to fear or sorrow. I know who I am. I know why I am here. I know where I am going. When I know this, nothing seems a struggle anymore. I love it here in Argentina. The people here are fantastic and I know God is preparing people for me right now to find and teach through the Holy Ghost.  I pray that that day will come quick so that I can fill the measure of my purpose here and help those people who have been waiting for me. I love this church and this gospel and I'm so grateful to be here. 

Elder Ren Porter
The local scenery
Walking and walking and walking!
My roommate loves to make these Indian fry bread things! I'm totally allergic to them, but they're delicious.

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