Saturday, February 27, 2016

First baptism (week 13)

Okay, so this week was amazing because Our 17 year old investigator (Franko) that we met while just asking him for directions on the street was baptized this week! It was my first baptism of my mission! cool stuff. Franko didn't have a white shirt so I got to give him one of mine. Franko is such a capo. He is even thinking about going on a mission soon which is totally fantastic because he would be such a great missionary. We watched a video after the Baptism about the restoration that was super powerful and Franko's mom felt the spirit from it so we hope to start teaching her soon. I also learned that baptisms are a little less "formal" here than I'm used to. One of the members of the ward who spoke at the baptism showed up wearing swim shorts and crocs. And the member who baptized Franko was 30 minutes late and showed up wearing street clothes so we had to get him changed real quick. 

We just found out as well that Elder Bednar is coming to our mission to speak to us. I'm SO grateful that he doesn't know spanish so i get to actually listen and get enlightened  for once haha. My comp is SUPER excited because he loves Elder Bednar.

My Spanish IS getting better though. I can understand people when they talk much more than before. Unfortunately, when I try to talk, the people here just make weird/confused faces and then look to my companion for a translation of what the tall, skinny gringo just tried to say. But I won't give up!!!

Oh! Someone tried to rob us the other day, but my comp and I just acted like we didn't hear him, turned around and walked away with determination...quickly!!

Also, I see a lot of people doing wheelies on their motorcycles in the middle the of suburbs, which is hilarious to me.

My Spiritual thought is this, prayer is super important so if you want to take advantage of the blessings you have to work hard for them. Study out what you're going to say beforehand (D&C 9:7-9) and say it with feeling and then wait for an answer. Also I would suggest reading Jesus The Christ, its a super good book.

Well, I'm out of time. I have to go get a haircut. As you will see in my pictures below, my hair grows straight out of my head like a chia pet. It's driving my mom crazy to see the pictures of it. Haha.

Have a great week!
Elder Ren Porter

Elder Ortolano, Franko, Franko's mom and me
Elder Ortolano, Kevin (the member who baptized Franko) and me

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