Sunday, December 6, 2015

The MTC (week 3)

So, last week was really good. One of my teachers is super cool and he always pumps us up and makes us feel motivated to learn, which is awesome. My Spanish is coming along. I set a bunch of goals for myself to learn it so hopefully I can stick with it. My comp, elder Udall is great. He's doing awesome with his Spanish, considering he's never taken Spanish before. He's been sick lately so that's not good. And he's constantly getting mad at me because I take to long to shower and get ready in the morning, the same thing you'd always get mad about mom (haha) but I can't help it, I'm just slow!!
This week my teacher showed us this video to get us pumped to learn and to teach us how to keep going even if we are tired. It helped alot and I'm glad he showed it to us. At then end of every day we have personal study, companion study and language study and it gets pretty hard to stay concentrated and awake at that point. So, one of the things that impressed me in the video was a quote from President Eyring. He said "whenever I feel like giving in to my laziness or when I feel tired I just need to remember Him and His atonement. That He was never weary to do good but always did what was good and right unto the end, even after He died he went to the spirit world and taught the people there and ministered unto them" and because He did this I can stay awake those three hours at the end of the day and learn the gospel and Spanish and not do it grudgingly!! 

My other teacher shared a thought that I really loved. She said that when she imagined the Atonement usually she imagined it being a couple of hours but then she read in the scriptures about how God did prolong the days of Jesus, since God is the master of time as well. So then she tried to imagine it like Jesus was in the garden for billions of years, living every single life of every person on the earth who ever lived and seeing each of our faces as He did so. I could feel the spirit very strong when she was sharing this thought and I really like that point of view. It makes the Atonement feel so much more personal in that way. I'm grateful that she shared that thought with us. Yo se que los profetas son verdad y el evangelio is en el mundo y yu se que Dios es nuestro amoroso padre celestial. En el nombre de Jesucristo amen.

Love you,
Elder Ren Porter

Elder Atwood, Elder Meyers, Elder Udall and me, in front of the Provo temple. There's also a random dude photo bombing us in the background. Do you see him? He's got a giant red beard and hat on!
Lunch time.
Me doing a selfie with Elder Hyer, who looks and acts just like my brother Cole (who's on a mission in Tahiti right now)
Four missionaries from Arizona, all headed to Argentina.

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