Sunday, December 27, 2015

MTC (week 5)

okay, so my flight plans came in today and the verdict is............I'm flying to Atlanta georgia and then straight to buenos aires Argentina on December 28th!!! I know I know its totally dont need to tell me. haha. My entire district has been waiting to look over our flight plans. I almost cried because I was so happy and sad that I was about to start my mission but that I was probably never going to see any of these guys again. AGGHHHHH!! I hate goodbyes!! I've bonded with these people so much. They are like my brothers and sisters now (at least to me). I don't want to say good bye. Luckily, there's lots of candy in my zone so I can just eat my feelings or something. Anyway, besides that I had a good week. We got new people in our zone and they're nice guys so I kind of have the best zone ever. Also elder udall's mom sent me and udall yoyo's. So we pretty much use the crap out of those things and I realized how much I love yoyo's!!! Everyone in the entire zone is jealous of our yoyo's though, so everyone is having there mom send them a yoyo too!!!! We started an epidemic pretty much. It is super cold here! My face and hands are purple alot. I look like the grim reaper walking around in my big jacket, but, at the same time I make the reaper look good. Everyone thinks its crazy that I've never seen snow fall before but I just laugh and say "dude I'm from the valley of the sun". 

The food here is really helpful.....helpful like laxative. The hermanas in our classroom hate being in there with us because it either smells like boys or like farts. I pray for them at night to have patience with us elders. 

So lots of really cool stuff happened this week and I learned alot. The experiences I'm about to share are really sacred to me. I won't go in to detail but I will tell you the general jist of them and I hope you will still feel the spirit. 

Experience and elder udall taught this last thursday to a member sister over skype in Mexico. We planned what we wanted to do and we hoped that God would help us to help her, and Heavenly Father did help her. Heavenly father was able to use me and my companion, the yoyo duo, to help this sister become closer to Jesus. I don't even know how, but Heavenly Father knew how and it worked. 

Experience number two happened on tuesday, we went in to help this guy get baptized and through Christ's help, and the guidance of the sprirt. He was able to read a scripture that had great impact on his life and that definitely helped him grow closer to God. 

Experience number three.  This happened last Saturday. This one was possibly the most important experience of my mission so far. Without going into to much detail, what happened was that this young women came in for us to teach. The people that come in are volunteers who act like an investigator. They usually follow a script and we practice teaching them. The young women that we taught last Saturday brought in her own personal deep feelings to the lesson and not the usual actor feelings they usually do. Because of that, me and my companion's original lesson derailed and we addressed her personal problems instead. The spirit taught her so powerfully, and it gave her solice and comfort. I feel so blessed and privileged that I was able to be an instrument to deliver the message that the Lord wanted her to hear. We didn't find out until later that they were her own personal feelings and not part of the script. Now why is this my most important experience? It was my most important experience because I was a witness to the reality of the Spirit. I Felt the Love that God had for this person. I knew then that when Jesus said, in D&C 84, that He would be on our right and on our left, that that was true. I have no doubt that my Older Brother was there with this, His little sister. Consoling her and telling us missionaries what to tell her for Him. I now know that I have no need to fear, because God knows and cares about each of His Children and I care about His Children and now I'm really excited to help more people in Argentina through His Loving guidance. I know now that we elders and sisters of the church do recieve revelation for members and non-members alike. yo lo se es verdad.

I love you all! Have a wonderful Christmas!
Elder Ren Porter
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Me and Elder Udall with our TRC investigator.
The two elders on each end are headed to Mesa, az for their mission. And us four in the middle are all from AZ, but headed to Argentina. I told them that Pete's fish and chips is a must!!!!!

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