Sunday, January 24, 2016

DOGS! (Week 9)

So this week was super hot. Like what the heck??? Hot!! But… you know…. What’s preaching without a little dehydration, right?  There’s a TON of dogs here by the way. And they absolutely hate us missionaries!!! Dogs are constantly running at us and barking.  The other day I had to rip off my bag and start swinging it around to keep the dog’s away, haha,  super funny stuff. All the local kids just stand there and laugh at us as we try to kick dogs away from us. I wish I could get a picture of it. Oh, that reminds me, my camera isn’t uploading my pictures today for some reason. This is probably a blessing because I let Elder Schoonover cut my hair….and it is…. something!  My mom would have a heart attack if she saw a picture. 

  Also, I gave my first blessing this week and it was in Spanish too! double score. 

My comp was super paranoid about getting robbed again so we always had to look as “non- American” as possible. This was slightly harder for me, considering I’m taller than everyone here, have skin as white as snow, and light colored hair, but I did my best! 

 I had an encounter with a drunk guy  that was interesting. He really liked us, at least it seemed like he did (I still can’t understand most of what people are saying. Especially when they’re saying it while drunk). Anyway he talked to us for a while and the climax of the encounter was when he gave me a couple of loving slaps in the face.

 Oh yah, I had to play the piano in church yesterday, so that was super traumatizing! Luckily it wasn’t an organ or that would have been something else entirely. 

One thing I love here though is that you can find a lot of cheap knock offs. I found beats pill for 20 bucks the other day and they were selling Rolex watches for 30 bucks by the mission home.  Also they have delivery ice cream here and it is the greatest thing I have ever been the recipient of! 

So, we did divisions again this week and elder schoonover accidentally insulted one of the inactive ladies in my area hahaha. He felt super bad about it but I felt like she needed it. Plus, she hates him now and not me so I’m still allowed to go over and teach her. All he did was read a scripture to her that said she needed to come to church, but apparently that was all she needed to kick us out.

My spiritual thought is that you should always stay strong and always have a good attitude, even when it makes no sense that you should be happy. Jesus was never to tired to do good, so we shouldn’t be either. Just be happier, it makes hard days go faster. See you when I see you.

Elder Ren porter

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