Monday, March 21, 2016

Words are inadequate (week 17)

Okay, so this week was super awesome. This week I became officially legal to be in the country of Argentina and It was as torturously slow as I thought it was going to be!!! I had to sit forever in an uncomfortable chair, but whatever, at least I'm legal. 

Also we had a baptism this week. Se lllama Yamila. Oh  man she is awesome. Me and Elder Ortolano contacted her and we got a baptisimal date with her for the 19th of march and Unfortunately E. Ortolano was flashed out to another area and me and E. Rojas finished her lessons and preperation and this last Saturday was her baptism. I Had the Fantastic opportunity to baptize her. I was Honestly freaking out a little before the ordinance because this was going to be my first time baptizing someone and I was super scared I would mess it up and embarrass her in some way and I did not want to do that at all because I knew how timid she was. So I was just praying so hard that God would help me do this right and por suerte He loves her so much that He helped make sure I didn't screw it up. It also helped calm me that she is such a easily loveable person. I did have to do it twice and the water was freezing beyond all measure, But, the experience was perfect, in my own biased opinion. Then afterwards when we were trying to say good bye and get back to our pench (apartment) we went over to shake hands with yamila and her family and she shook my hand and she said "thank you so much elder porter. You did this for me and I am so happy and grateful for your work". It was the best thank you I've ever heard in my life. And she was just smiling super big and wouldn't let go of my hand and I was just feeling on top of the world at that moment but I also felt frustrated because I just wanted to hug her but I couldn't. But then Franko, my first convert, was there as well and he came up to me and told me in english "elder porter congratulations, thank you for your work". Oh man I hugged him so hard for that one!!! Then the next day at church she was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost and she looked so happy afterwards and she was crying and that was such a powerful testimony to me that she had in reality received the Holy Ghost. She is so awesome! I wish I had adequate words to express over email just how amazing she is and all the other people I have met here in Argentina. They are honestly amazing, and wonderful. It amazes me how fast and powerful the spirit works with these people. The scripture that says by small and simple things are great things brought to pass, rings so true to me right now. Because, when I think about it, all I did in this was say here is the path, here are some simple things you have to do to get on it and stay on it and then they do and then the spirit goes BOOM there's your witness and then BOOM their life is changed just like that! All because they listened two awkward teenage kids. The spirit is so powerful and and you can see it in people lives. I remember when I first met Yamila you could see in her face  and countenance her fears and worries and sadness and now she IS a Completely different person, full of faith, happiness and hope and that was wrought because she decided to listen to us and say a simple prayer to her Father in Heaven. Oh my Gosh its crazy!! that's all I can say. 

In other news Elder Oaks was Flashed out to Lobos and we got Elder Salmon who is from Alabama and and he was in my district at the MTC so its super awesome Right now in Villa Tesei.

I also found some hair in my Choripan, which would normally gross me out, but now I just pick it out and keep on eating. Progress! "Choripan" is named after chorizo sausage. It's like a chorizo hot dog on a bun. It is made from the finest cuts of pork and beef. Haha, not really. If you think to hard about what goes into chorizo, you won't want to eat it. Walking the streets with grease-dripping chori is very Argentinian. It makes you feel like a local, one of the guys. It says ‘I am from Argentina and I don’t care what goes into my food as long as it is from an animal.’ 

But anyway that is my email. I hope it makes sense and you understand a little better how awesome Argentina is. Love you guys!!!

Elder Ren Porter

Elder Rojas, me, Yamilla, and her family right before the baptism
After the baptism
Random statue of Jesus on the side of the road.
Playing tennis with the sister missionaries on p-day

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